Flora maps and analyzes social network systems.  
These allow you to overview multi complex situations using sociology, infographics and graph-theory.
Combining these three processes create an integral overview of business operations, opportunities and foresight as an imperative decision making tool.

What is a Social Network?

A Social Network is a method used to determine and understand the nature of social interactions between individuals as well as groups.

In other words, a social network is what you get whenever you place a bunch of people together. A social network analysis is the cutting edge technology that provides you an x-ray view into the socials of any group at focus.

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What is Social Network Mapping? (i.e SNM)

Whether we zoom in on our clients or zoom out to observe the market, SNM can give a great deal of ideas of how social capital flows, decisions are made and objectives are achieved in the area of focus. Spotted players or groups can help facilitate strategy, collaboration & other valuable support during the lifecycle of a project.

For Example the Clean Tech Ecosystem Map

“Social Network Mapping helps decision makers understand processes visually, in a way that would otherwise be impossible to acheive from an excel spreadsheet”
-Morielle Lotan, CEO of Mile Ventures

Advantages of social network mapping

Competitive advantage & public relations

Gather information about different markets, organizations or competitors to make more informed decisions in business, as well as identifying blind spots you didn't know, you don't know off. The map is interactive and self explanatory, thus draws much attention and can be used in a variety of P.R actions.

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SNM can help organizations, individuals and even countries in strategy, prioritizing, gauging competition, PR campaigns, product launches, user acceptance within an organization as well as online through influencers, and many other applications.

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The success of a strategy or a campaign can be gauged from the balanced or unbalanced nature of social networks, similarly a more suitable route to enable success can also be determined to improve the chances of success for a strategy. On top of that, measuring changes over time can show trends & patterns.

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data as a powerful source of leverage

what we offer

  • Analyzing clients needs & data to focus on the network which is the most valuable to their business
  • A Custom made map- Tailored to your specification, providing you with information and insight from a birds’ eye view
  • This can be accompanied with intelligent consulting to uniform your strategy goals.
Climate 180 Clean Tech Map
Screenshot of Climate 180's Clean Tech Map
Israel's Fintech Ecosystem
Screenshot of a map showing Israel's Fintech Ecosystem
The Angels Map-  The Marker
Screenshot of the Angels Map

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